• Residential crane, dogman and rigging supply for personalised lifts like spas, pools, tables, statues, trees, tree lopping and air conditioners.
  • Commercial, industrial and mining crane supply, dogging and rigging labour supply for steel, roof and truss erection, mechanical installation, HVAC installations
  • Equipment Supply – EWP / boom lift / scissor lift / spreader bars / man cages / brick cages / brick forks / pallet forks / pallet cage.
  • Precast concrete panel rigging installation and erection, grouting and sealing. Connection Plate supply and installation.
  • Tower crane assembly and disassembly, tower crane operators and crews comprising of riggers and dogmen.
  • Telecommunication tower, mast and pole erection.
  • Telecommunication rigging of antenna systems for major telcos and internet service providers throughout the state.
  • Civil, electrical and technical solutions for the maintenance, construction and decommissioning of telecommunication sites.
  • Structural steel fabrication and engineering of any support structure, hand rail, walkway or ladder.

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